Akshaya Tritiya 2013

Secret of Non-Declining Wealth – Akshaya Tritiya 2013 May 13th IST

On Akshaya Tritiya day, Kubera – the Banker in Heaven was blessed by Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth. Thus, Akshaya Tritiya is a celebration for both Lakshmi as well as Kubers

 Dr. Pillai, Founder AstroVed

The ancient mystics of India were experts in observing how astronomical phenomena influences your life. They identified one special Moon that contains within it the secret of Non-Declining Wealth, the 3rd waxing Moon with an exalted Sun, called Akshaya Tritiya. This 24 hour window of time only happens once a year, when the Earth is energized with material abundance and royalty consciousness. If you hold, nurture and meditate on the concept of Non-Declining Wealth, it will go deep into your consciousness and create a permanent link with Lakshmi and Kubera.

 Holding an idea in your mind is Everything. The idea is you buy gold and keep it, because gold is the real money. That’s why people in India wait for Akshaya Tritiya to buy gold.  On this day, you can develop the concept that, my money should never run out, run down and also keep improving.

 On Akshaya Tritiya you will be able to capture this idea and preserve it in your own body, mind and soul.  This simple act allows you to gather and grow wealth and also to keep it. Take advantage of this very precious astronomical moment of Akshaya Tritiya. We have a grand celebration planned so you can be infused with this never ending prosperity consciousness.

 Akshaya Tritiya

Anything done on May 13th will be multiplied, amplified and magnified manifold… every thought, every word, every action.  So, think your desires, speak your desires, be your desires and multiply them a thousand fold, for an extremely flourishing life on Akshaya Tritiya 2013.

 Akshaya Tritiya  falls on the third lunar day of the bright half of Vaishaka month (April – May), when the Sun is in exaltation in the sign Aries. This is the only 3rd phase of Moon during the entire year that is most auspicious for the finances, business success, abundant prosperity and eliminating losses. You can rapidly move forward in your life and eliminate deep-rooted negative thoughts about finances when you pray during this powerful day.

 Akshaya Tritiya starts on May 12th at 10:20 am and goes until May 13th afternoon 12:47 pm. As the Tritiya is existing on the sunrise of 13th May, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on that Day. On May 13th, the 3 benefics, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are together in the sign Taurus ruled by Venus. The combination of Mercury and Venus will make one seek materialistically and incline towards all pleasures. They are joining the expansive planet Jupiter and by praying to Lord Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi on Akshaya Trithiya will bless you with wealth and abundance. Chanting Lakshmi Narayana mantra will also help to increase the inflow of wealth.

Akshaya Trithiya: Grand Gaja Pooja Festival

This Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated in a true grand fashion, just like the Kings and Queensin Ancient times. There will be Gajas (elephants), ashwas (horses) and cows and they are being honored for their sacred powers in the Vana Tirupathi Power Spot. These are not just incredible animals but they symbolize royalty, power, magnanimity, energy, love and abundance.

 Gaja Pooja: Jupiter is the ruling planet of this magnificent animal. The elephant is a symbol of respect, honor, magnanimity and power. First the elephant is bathed, then dressed and decorated, offered light, incense, flowers and food while Vedic priests voice the appropriate mantras and chants. This invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God who removes all obstacles.

 Ashwa Pooja: The horse is first bathed, decorated and dressed and then only the Pooja is offered. Horse gram is then offered to the ashwa. The horse is a symbol for the planet Mars that represents energy and command.

 Cow Pooja: The cow and her calf are first bathed, dressed and decorated and then only the pooja is offered. The cow is the symbol of love and ever giving and is the symbolic of the Planet Venus. 

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