The Origin of Yantras (Amulets) and its Powers!

The genesis of Yantras dates back to thousands of years ago. You will find the mention of Yantras and their divine powers in the writings of ancient texts, like the Vedas. According to legend, Lord Shiva explained the power of Yantras to his consort, Goddess Parvati. The Lord said that Yantras are essential to Gods as oil is to lamp or the body is to a living being. In other words, you can separate Yantras from its association with divinity. It would be wrong of skeptics to mislead people into believing that Yantras are some gimmicks cooked up by overzealous religious figures.

Just like the Yantras are mentioned in the texts of yore, the instructions and guidelines to create and maintain them are also laid down. You cannot create a successful Yantra without following these statutes. Yantras are non-functional unless they are energized in the proper way. Only a person with deep knowledge of religion and rituals can breathe life into a Yantra. Otherwise, the Yantra remains a combination of symbols and patterns. It has no effect on your life or your mind. On the other hand, a successfully energized Yantra will be able to affect your concentration and your consciousness like nothing else can.

Yantras have deep resonances with the flowing energies of the universe. They are your touchstones to a reservoir of positive energy. Because of their positivity, Yantras are able to soak up all the negative aspects of your life. You will be able to bid goodbye to those hesitations and indecisions that have crippled your thought and progress. Yantras will provide you with a new lease of life, a new way of thinking and the will power to do what you want. By consuming the negativity around you and your house, Yantras make way for positive thoughts and energies to come in and fill up the void.

The use of Yantras will affect your physical being as well. It is a fact backed by scientific evidence as well that your health is a reflection of your state of mind. If your mind feels ill and weak, your body latches on to that weakness. The power of the Yantras to have a strong healing effect on your mind has repercussions in your body as well. With more strength in your mind, you have the desire and focus to achieve greater heights. That is how Yantras are able to bring you prosperity, too.

There are those bad times when you feel that you have done more than enough and yet have ended up on the losing side. Yantras are a boost in such times. If you have been denied those ‘lucky breaks’ in life, try the power of Yantras. The depth of the Yantras and their divine identity ensures that malicious attacks, jealous intensions and freak accidents do not affect you. You will be able to steer clear of danger if you have the right Yantra in your possession. The only caution to be sounded here is that you must have the Yantras properly energized. Rely on reputed sources of obtaining Yantras instead of picking up anything that’s available.    

The Power Of Yantras

Yantras (Amulets)

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