Yantras (Amulets)

A Beginner’s Introduction to Yantras

It is widely held by skeptics that Yantras are all about meaningless and whimsical symbols, patterns and designs. The naysayers will lead you to believe that Yantras are no more significant in the modern times. That would be a wrong way to look at the rich history and legacy of Yantras. The genesis of Yantras and how they can enrich lives with their positive energy is not found in some wayward fantasies of religious fanatics. You will find the key to the significance of the Yantras in the ancient texts. At the very root of Hinduism, you will find the powers of the Yantras mentioned in glowing terms. So, let it be made clear at the very onset that Yantras are not gimmicks concocted in the recent times.

What is a Yantra?

The literal translation of this Sanskrit word means ‘instrument’. To dig deeper into the question, Yantras are actually symbols and geometrical patterns that have immense significance. You must not assume that a complicated design becomes a Yantra by default. Strict rules are laid down in the text as to the formation and function of Yantras. Deviations from the instructions will affect the functioning of the Yantra. The possession of the right Yantra will have a deep impact on your mind. You will find it easier to concentrate on matters that need your attention. Your levels of consciousness are strengthened and made more effective by the powers of the Yantras. Different Yantras are used for specific purposes.

The Working of Yantras

Yantras are symbols and patterns that need to be energized. The process involves complex rituals that can be performed only by a deeply religious person well-versed in the tenets of Hinduism and Yantras. Without the injection of positive energies through proper rituals and worship, Yantras are not active. Each pattern or symbol holds unique powers. One cannot just draw any pattern and think that they have designed a Yantra. They cannot be created from the imagination. Yantras establish a chord with the universal energy. It takes you on the path to spiritualism.

Just like you cannot create the designs of a Yantra, you cannot place it anywhere you like. There are specific rules that you need to obey. The power of the symbols is activated only when they are placed according to the ancient texts. For example, if you place the symbol of the cross upside down, the Yantra is rendered ineffective. It loses the power to generate positive energy. In other words, despite having a Yantra, you cannot reap the benefits of its powers. The symbols and diagrams coalesce and combine to bring a Yantra to life.

Why You Need Yantras?

Yantras have powers that are beyond human understanding. They create resonances with the energies reverberating across the universe. Yantras connect you with this flow of positive energy. It gives your mind the upper hand over matter. Yantras have the power to change your life. It increases your ability to focus, to understand the vagaries of life and smoothens out the creases that are otherwise obstructing your progress. With the right Yantras, you can surge ahead and create your own destiny.

The Power Of Yantras

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