Kubera-The Lord of Wealth

Kubera Money Mantra (God of Wealth)  
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Kubera, according to Hindu mythology, is the Lord of Wealth and is also considered to be the god of Yakshas who are semi divine beings. He is also considered to be one of the ashta Dikpals or the regent of the North direction. He is also called Dhanadhipati, God of Wealth and Dhanada, Giver of Wealth. Kubera is the son of Sage Vishrava and is called Vaisravana, which can be described as the son of Fame. He is Nara-Raja, the king of men, he is also Yaksharajan, king of Yakshas who are benevolent spirits that protect the natural treasures hidden in the earth.
Kubera in Sanskrit means the deformed one and is generally shown as a dwarf having three legs, eight teeth, one eye and a big belly though he is always decked with jewelery. He always carries a money bag and a club. He was supposed to reside in Lanka, that is, today’s Sri Lanka which was taken away by Ravana. When Ram defeated Ravana, Lanka was returned to Kubera. Meanwhile he resided at a palace at the city of Alaka in the Himalayas. It was Brahma, the God-Creator who gave Kubera the status of God as well as the ‘nidhis’ that is the nine types of wealth of the world, along with the pushpak viman or flying chariot. He is often shown as riding over a man though it is prescribed that when he is installed in a temple he should be seated on a goat.

Kubera is the treasurer of the world’s treasures and is worshiped as such. Whereas Goddess Lakshmi creates wealth, Kubera distributes wealth. Like Goddess Lakshmi he is also worshiped at Diwali by the traditional trading and merchant families of India. He is the God of money and wealth and it is said that he credited money even to the all powerful Lord Venkateshwara, an reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. In fact Kubera is also recognized and accepted as God in Jainism and Buddhism.

There are several tales associated with Kubera and according to one of them, Kubera was filled with pride regarding his wealth. He claimed that no one would go unsatisfied from his feast and Lord Ganpati decided to teach him a lesson. He gulped down all the food cooked, then ate up all the uncooked food and the utensils and was about to eat his palace when Kubera realized his mistake and begged forgiveness. There are other stories as to how he protects the mineral wealth of the world by punishing the greedy with a wheel that turns on his head till the next greedy person arrives.

It is said that if both Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped then there can be no shortage of wealth and prosperity for the devotee. The Shri Lakshmi Kuber Mantra is as follows:

Om Sreem Hreem Cleem Maha Ashta Iswarya Sampathu Aadhi Dhiyudha
Maha Kubera Mangala Sarv Bhagya Sudharsana Sanka
Chakra Padma Ghadhayudha
Sree Lakshmi Narayana Dhevaya Namaha

Mool Mantra —
Om Sreem Hreem Im Kubera Lakshmiai
Kamaladharinyai Dhana Akrashinyal Swaha

Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra